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Watch Knowledge - Moonphase Indicator

Moonphase function is placed in a specially shaped semicircular window, including a semi-circular arcs and two small circular arcs. The combination of these moonphase disc and moon designs can accurately tell us the moon shape in the beginning or the end of a cycle.

Moonphase is based on the 29.5 days cycle of the moon to show the moon state on the moonphase disc. The moonphase disc has two moons on it, and there are 59 gears on the edge, the moonphase wheel is driven by the driving wheel and move forward one gear each day, and the moonphase will be able to show the changes timely on the dial. The 59 moonphase gears tell us moonphase has an average of 29.5 days per cycle. Since the exact rotation period of the moon is 28 days 12 hours 44 minutes 2.9 seconds, so combining the error of about every 33 months, moonphase display will add up to 24 hours.

Posted on
January 7, 2016